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Warts are outgrowths on skin caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) infection. Warts are classified into different types based on the area of the body on which it appears:

Common warts – appear on fingers; appear as small, rough and pink or white fleshy bumps

Plantar warts – appear on the bottom or soles of your feet; appear as light brown bumps with tiny black dots in them

Genital warts – these appear on your genital parts; often usually sexually transmitted.

Flat warts – these appear in places which are frequently shaven; and are smoother than other warts.

These warts can spread from one person to another with skin contact. Also, warts may spread by using towel or other objects which has been used by person who has warts. These warts bleed and cause pain.


Warts can be challenging to treat. Common treatments include cryotherapy, applying salicylic acid or other topical preparations, paring of lesions, and topical immunotherapy.  See your dermatologist to discuss your best treatment options.

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