Melasma is the formation of brown-grey patches on the skin surface. It is commonly seen on the cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin.

Women are more susceptible to this condition. Approximately 90% of the incidences of melasma occur in women. People with dark skin and those with a relative who has melasma are also more at risk for developing this condition.


The cells in the skin that are responsible for pigmentation become hyperactive. The exact cause for this hyperactivity is unclear. The triggering factors are thought to be increased sunlight exposure, change in hormones during pregnancy, use of birth control pills and hormone replacement.


Treatment may include topical creams,containing hydroquinone, tretinoin, steroids, or other agents that help in lightening of the skin. Procedures that are used in treatment of melasma include chemical peels and microneedling.

Within a few months of treatment, you can expect to see a marked improvement in the appearance of your skin.


The following tips will help in maintaining an even skin tone:

  • Apply sunscreen daily
  • Use a wide-brimmed hat for added protection
  • Choose skin care products that are gentle and do not irritate your skin
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