Double Chin

Excess fat under your chin or hanging skin on the neck can affect your appearance and make you appear older. Exercise does not effectively target this area of the body. However, various surgical and nonsurgical treatments are available to help you get rid of a double chin.

Kybella is a relatively new FDA-approved substance that can help you get rid of a double chin. It contains deoxycholic acid which breaks down and absorbs fat. Kybella is injected in the fatty areas under the chin and in your neck destroying fat cells. The area to be injected is marked and anesthetized. Fine needles are used to administer multiple injections into the areas that need treatment. A session takes about half an hour. Results are usually seen after 2 sessions.

Neck lift with neuromodulators: Botox injections may also be used to treat sagging skin on the neck and lift your lower face giving you a youthful appearance with a smoother neckline.

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