Brown Spots

Brown spots may appear due to a variety of conditions including  advancing age, excessive sun exposure, hormonal imbalance, or adverse effects of certain medications.

Based on the characteristics, location, and the underlying cause, brown spots are categorized in 3 main classes:

  • Melasma or chloasma: These are irregularly shaped brown spots, usually present over the cheeks, forehead, and temples which may arise secondary to a hereditary effect or hormonal changes triggered by pregnancy or menopause.
  • Age spots or liver spots: These are dark patches commonly seen over the face, chest, forearms and back of hands in older individuals with excessive exposure to sun.
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation: This form of hyperpigmentation may develop because of any trauma to the skin. The common causes of post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation include acne,, rashes and physical stimulation such as injury or burns.

Depending on the type of brown patches, several treatments are available for lightening the hyperpigmentation. These include prescription lightening creams, cryotherapy, customized peels or dermabrasion.  Contact the office to schedule your personalized consultation to see which treatments are right for you

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