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Brilliant Dermatology and Aesthetics offers the finest in medical dermatology care. Drawing on her top medical and dermatologic training, Dr. Norton handles all aspects of the skin from cancer screening to rashes and benign growths. Dr. Norton is skilled in dermoscopy, a hand held surface microscope that increases diagnostic accuracy of skin lesions. No matter your individual skin issue,, Dr. Norton will listen to your concerns and provide top care and management. Below is information about skin cancer screening as well as our library of common skin conditions. We believe education is an important part of patient care, so please explore the links to learn more about your skin health.

Skin Cancer Screening

Skin cancer screening is a method of evaluating an individual for signs and symptom of skin cancer to aid in early detection of cancer, and improve treatment outcome. This also helps in identifying specific groups of individuals who are at an increased risk of skin cancer.

Screening for skin cancer does not mean that the individual is suffering from skin cancer; it is a preventive measure to enable early management of any cancerous growths

If a suspicious lesion is noted during the exam, further diagnostic tests are recommended for confirming the presence and type of skin cancer. Most commonly, a biopsy is performed through local removal of the skin tissue at the time of visit. The tissue samples are then sent for microscopic examination, with results usually available within a few days.

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